What is CasinoMonkey?

CasinoMonkey is a service that shows you how to make an expected profit by exploiting offers from online bookmakers and casinos using clever maths and tools presented with step by step guides. 

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How it works

Below shows the simple maths behind how it is possible to make a profit from casino offers. 

A casino is offering us 20 free spins if we stake £10 on a slot machine. 

We know that the slot machine they are asking us to use has a house edge of 5%, that means the player has a 95% return on their stake. (Remember these numbers are on average, over time.)

So on average for every £10 we stake on that slot machine we expect to get £9.50 back, a loss of 50p to the player. This is called the Qualifying Loss. 

However, we have now unlocked 20 free spins worth 20p each (spin value will vary per offer but in this example they are worth 20p). 

This is the same as the casino giving us £4 cash to spend on their slot, any winnings are ours to keep. 

Using the same 95% return we can expect to get £3.80 back from the 20 free spins. 

We can deduct our loss from the £10 qualifying spins leaving us with an expected value of £3.30. 

What does CasinoMonkey do?

Source Offers

We find all the most profitable offers from bookmakers and casinos.

Expert Guides

Turn those offers into expert step-by-step guides, to show you how to make the most expected profit from each and every offer.

Awesome Tools

We have some leading tools including our slots database which shows you what you can expect from over 9,000 slot machines when you input offer details.

Unrivalled Support

We have experts in this field who have been profiting from casino offers for years, and are on hand to help with any questions you have, 7 days a week.

Who are CasinoMonkey?

CasinoMonkey is a platform built to help people make an expected additional income through clever maths, tools and guides being applied to offers that online casino and bookmakers give to customers. 

The team behind CasinoMonkey know a thing or two about helping people make an additional income as they are the guys behind OddsMonkey, the UK’s no. 1 matched betting service that has been showing people how to earn profit from bookmaker sports and casino offers since 2010. With over 40,000 matched bettors helped in that time you are in experienced hands with CasinoMonkey. 

Can I Lose Money?

Some casino offers come with absolutely no risk of losing money (such as free spins) whilst there are also offers where there is a risk of losing some or all of the cash deposit.

We include all offers where there is an expected profit to be made and each is clearly labelled as Low, Medium or High Risk. Of course we recommend beginners sticking to the low risk offers.

Build up your profit bank before trying some of the more riskier but potentially more lucrative offers.

CasinoMonkey provides you with all the information and support you need to help you make the decision on trying an offer or not. In fact a very clever piece of kit we have is the ‘Slots simulator’ which you enter all the bookie or casino offer details and select a slot machine to ‘play’ the offer on and the tool will ‘simulate’ a likely outcome.

As you start to complete more offers, you will start to understand that the mathematics are on your side. Adding all your wins and losses to the profit tracker is a great way to visualise your progress. In general, casino offers are not risk free but by following the guides and using the simulator, over time you should start to see your bank grow.

Is this legal?

This method of casino bonus profiting in the UK is completely legal for adults (18 or over) as it is still classed as gambling activity. Whilst it may seem too good to be true it is legitimate and legal.

Whilst by no means illegal, online casinos and bookmakers may restrict your account from receiving bonuses after you use a few offers but this is all that can ‘happen’ as a form of punishment for potentially profiting from their offers using CasinoMonkey.

Do I have to pay tax on winnings?

No, as mentioned above the acitvity is still classed as gambling which winnings are exempt from Tax in the UK, even though we are using maths, tools and guides to give us the best edge we can get when taking advantage of casino offers.

How much profit can I make?

Currently the profit from casino offers can be classed continuous as bookmakers and online casinos are constantly giving out offers to existing customers a lot of which can be worked out to have an expected profit using CasinoMonkey.

To be a little more specific based on figures in April 2020, CasinoMonkey currently has £700+ expected value to be made from new customer sign up offers, over £800 a month in existing customer offers and over £200 expected value from regular customer retention offers.

So just from signing up to the casinos and completing the introductory offers there is an expected £700+ value then thereafter a potential £1,000 a month from ongoing offers (based on April 2020 values).

What do I need to get started?

Getting started with CasinoMonkey is super simple you can get started with as little as £50 as a ‘bank’ to sign up to and deposit in online bookmakers and casinos to activate the offers.

You obviously need a CasinoMonkey account which costs just £14.99 a month but you will potentially make that many, many times over based on expected profit.

For organisation purposes you might want a new email address to keep on top of the emails from CasinoMonkey and the bookmakers / casinos so you can quickly be alerted to and jump on any strong profit offers.

Will this take up a lot of my time?

This is completely up to you! One of the biggest advantages of making potential profit with CasinoMonkey is that you can ‘pick it up’ and ‘put it down’ whenever you like.

Online bookmaker and casino slots are available 24/7 , 365 so you can log in to your CasinoMonkey anytime see which offers tickle your fancy, open the guide, follow the instructions and potentially make that profit, even at 2am!

Unlock expected value and potential profit from casino offers

Only £14.99 a month

Over £700 expected value in first month