Frequently Asked Questions

CasinoMonkey is a dedicated service that helps you achieve profits from online casino bonuses & promotions.

CasinoMonkey are part of the world’s number one Matched Betting service, OddsMonkey.

We believe that by subscribing to CasinoMonkey, you will achieve consistent profits from casino bonuses & promotions. We will provide you with all the tools and information required. Achieve those profits along with our unrivalled customer support.

Matched betting services such as OddsMonkey do provide you with some casino guides and advice but here at CasinoMonkey you will receive the most concise casino offering to complement your matched betting service.

Choose your package here and we will teach you everything you need to know to start making a profit from casino bonuses & promotions.

You can cancel anytime as you are never tied to a contract. 

By following the tutorials and guides we can have you ready to start making your first profits within an hour! However, this is not something we want to rush you into so we recommend that you take your time and make use of our experienced support team to answer any questions you may have.

This can depend on varying factors. A signup offer may take longer than a reload offer, the offers can range from taking a few minutes through to taking upto an hour or so. The more comfortable you get with casino offers, the quicker the process will become.

We certainly would recommend signing up to Oddsmonkey if you haven’t already started your Matched Betting journey but you can start with the CasinoMonkey and then visit sports later, if that is your preference.

Unlike traditional Matched Betting that requires a sporting fixture to complete an offer, casino offers are much more flexible as they can be done at any time of day. Casino offers do not rely on a decent match of sporting odds to be able to complete and will fit into most daily routines.

As long as you follow our clear and detailed instructions on the offers we advise, on average we expect you will be in profit! The offers we post are mathematically calculated to give you the advantage.

We have detailed guides on how to play casino games. Our team will be on hand to assist you and give advice regarding casino products.

Casino offers are subject to variance, this means that, over the short term, your results may vary. The long term goal is to make good profits on average over time.

The amount you can make depends on the offers available at the time. Currently the sign up offers alone have an expected value of over £700. 

Not all casino offers are risk free. Following our detailed guides will help reduce any risk, we always recommend that you never commit any more than you are prepared to lose.
Our offers are labelled and you should only choose to complete the ones that are suitable to your bankroll and risk level. Our support team is on hand to assist you.

Some of the offers require very little funds to get started but as a general rule we would suggest having at least £100 to start with. This will be enough to get started however £250 will allow you to get started on some of the more attractive offers more quickly.

These offers are strictly for over 18’s only!
With the guidance of CasinoMonkey, anyone with a basic grasp of using a computer can make a profit.

It is 100% legal and tax free!

CasinoMonkey will search for and provide you with all the offers that are currently available. There is no need for you to do the searching.

Basic maths skills are sufficient.

Unlock expected value and potential profit from casino offers

Only £14.99 a month

Over £700 expected value in first month