About CasinoMonkey

CasinoMonkey is a service that shows you how to use clever maths and tools to make a profit from online bookmaker and casino promotions

Who We Are

As the CasinoMonkey team, we are certainly all about helping people make additional
income as we are also the team that created and run OddsMonkey, the world’s no.1 matched betting service.

Since 2010 OddsMonkey has been showing people how to earn profit from bookmaker sports and casino offers. With over 150,000 matched bettors helped over the years, over 500+ guides written and providing unparalleled support you are in good company and safe hands with CasinoMonkey

Why CasinoMonkey?

Around 5 years ago through the matched betting service with OddsMonkey, we noticed there was also some profit to be generated in casino and slots offers – So we applied some of the clever maths and our experienced software team developed new tools to use as a starting point in building ‘profiting from casino’ as a product through OddsMonkey.

Fast forward to 2020 and Casino offers are now fully integrated into OddsMonkey, with many members profiting from them every day! However, the scope and opportunity to profit from Casino offers has increased so much that we organically found the team spending more time in sourcing, writing, building guides and tools for casino offers.

Hence we decided this product area deserved its own dedicated platform and CasinoMonkey was born!

CasinoMonkey has allowed us to focus our resource, research and development solely on casino offers to bring you a focused experience bursting with potential profit.